With Social Proof notifications you can display recent sales or display website activity in order to build trust with your website visitors.

Nextsale's campaign builder allows you to customize every aspect of Social Proof notifications like:

  • Display your customers' first, last or full name, or even anonymize customer data

  • Target visitors by displaying countries, provinces, cities, locations, or country flags they're from

  • Show purchased product titles and images with filter tags.

You can skip the customization step and publish a Social Proof campaign within clicks.

Customize Social Proof campaign

1. Sign in to your Nextsale account and click on the "Add new campaign" button.

Customize Social Proof notifications

On the new campaign page, you'll be presented with the types of campaigns you want to create.

2. Choose "Social Proof Notifications" by clicking on the "Create campaign" button.

Customize Social Proof notifications

On the newly opened page, you'll be able to select one of many pre-built templates with recommended settings.

Customize Social Proof notifications

3. Choose one template and click on it. In our example, we'll select the first option - the "Sales notifications" template.

Customize Social Proof notifications

Note: if you want to select one of the available templates for 3rd party services, enable the integration beforehand. Otherwise, data will not be synced with the platform and Nextsale won't able to display notifications.

Once you select a template, you'll be directed to the builder page where you can design and customize settings.

Customize Social Proof notifications

Design of the Social Proof campaigns

1. Message

The message section is used to customize the copy in Social Proof notifications.

The message part is divided into three parts. In these three message lines, add the message you want to show on the notifications.

By default, the first two lines are filled with the default action type (i.e., "bought") and filters (i.e., link, highlight). You can change the filters and message as you wish.

You can indicate customers' first, last, or anonymous names, countries, provinces, cities, locations, product titles, and flags with filter tags.

Learn more about applying tags & filters in Social Proof notifications.

Customize Social Proof notifications

2. Image

On the Social Proof notifications, you can display:

  • Auto (recommended)

  • Product image

  • Map

  • Custom image

  • None of the visuals

To add an image, simply select the image option from the dropdown menu:

Customize Social Proof notifications


Auto is the recommended image option. Displayed images will be chosen from the included products in the campaign in case the product images are deleted or some reason cannot be displayed.

Product image.

If you choose the "Product image" option, the images will be chosen and displayed from respective products.

Note: in the product filter settings, you can include or exclude certain products from the Social Proof campaigns. In this case, the displayed images on the notifications will expand only those chosen products - sales.


If you choose the "Map" option, the visual will be a map.

Customize Social Proof notifications

Custom image.

In the custom option, you can upload an image from your computer or stock photos.

To upload an image from your computer, click on the "browse files" bottom. From the opened window, select your image from your computer.

Customize Social Proof notifications

To upload an image from the stock photos, click on the "stock photos" bottom.

Here, select an image. The image you've selected should appear on the notification:

Customize Social Proof notifications


The "None" option removes the visual from the notification:

Customize Social Proof notifications

3. Appearance

The appearance is used to customize the Social Proof notifications including:

  • Content language

  • Light or dark style

  • Round corners

  • Notifications sound

  • Hiding & customizing event time

Notification language.

You can choose a language from 23 available options to display the notifications.

In the example below, the French language is chosen; and "3 days ago" in English is translated to French.

Note: the copy you indicated in the message section is not translated.

Customize Social Proof notifications


"Dark" and "Light" options simply change the background color of the notifications.

Customize Social Proof notifications

Round corners.

Turn the toggle on to make the corners of the notifications round.

Customize Social Proof notifications

Notification sound.

Here, you can turn the toggle on to enable the popping sound when the notification appears.

Customize Social Proof notifications

Event time.

You can enable or disable event time showing on the Social Proof notifications.

Customize Social Proof notifications

Plus, you can customize the lookback period by sliding to hide the event older than the determined days.

Customize Social Proof notifications

4. Global notifications settings

Any changes in global notification settings will reflect on all other notification campaigns. Meaning that any changes here will affect other Social Proof and Activity notification campaigns as well.

Customize Social Proof notifications

Desktop positioning.

Here, you can decide where the notifications should appear on the desktop.

Customize Social Proof notifications

Mobile positioning.

You can also choose the position on mobile devices and check how it looks.

Customize Social Proof notifications


You can also customize horizontal and vertical margins.

Note: this feature is available only for desktops.

Customize Social Proof notifications

Entrance & Exit animations.

With "slide", "fade", and "none" options, you can decide how the notifications should appear and disappear.

Customize Social Proof notifications

Initial delay & Delay between notifications & Display duration.

The initial delay is set for showing the first notification after a determined time.

The delay between notifications is set for adding a determined period between notifications.

You can also set how long to show each notification.

Customize Social Proof notifications

Close button preferences.

Enable the toggle to give an option to visitors to close the notifications.

Once you enabled the close button, choose the close preferences from the dropdown menu.

Customize Social Proof notifications

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