With Social Proof notifications you can display recent sales or display website activity in order to build trust with your website visitors.

Nextsale's campaign builder allows you to customize every aspect of Social Proof notifications like:

  • Display your customers' first, last or full name, or even anonymize customer data

  • Target visitors by displaying countries, provinces, cities, locations, or country flags they're from

  • Show purchased product titles and images with filter tags.

Here is a quick start guide to create your first Social Proof campaign with templates.

Create Social Proof campaign

1. Sign in to your Nextsale account and click on the "Add new campaign" button.

On the new campaign page, you'll be presented with the types of campaigns you want to create.

2. Choose "Social Proof Notifications" by clicking on the "Create campaign" button.

On the newly opened page, you'll be able to select one of many pre-built templates with recommended settings.

3. Choose one template and click on it. In our example, we'll select the first option - the "Sales notifications" template.

Note: if you want to select one of the available templates for 3rd party services, enable the integration beforehand. Otherwise, data will not be synced with the platform and Nextsale won't able to display notifications.

4. Once you selected a template, you'll be directed to the builder page for design and settings customizations. By default, you can skip this step and quickly publish the campaign by clicking on the "Publish" button.

After publishing, you'll be directed to that campaign's analytics page. Here, a success message will appear.

Note: if you don't have any data, the alert message will appear, and no notification will be displayed on your site.

How to rename a campaign?

By default, your campaign will be named "Untitled campaign".

You can rename the recently published campaign by clicking on the "Edit campaign" button on the current campaign analytics page.

Or, you can go to the "Campaigns" page, click on the three-dot icon "...", and select "Edit" from the dropdown menu.

In each case, you'll be directed to the builder. Here, click on the "Next" or "Settings" button.

On the "Settings" page, you can rename the campaign and save the changes.

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