You can navigate to your account settings by clicking on your name on the right top of the screen and clicking "Settings" in the drop down menu.

Inside your account settings, you can see the following list of settings:

  • General settings

  • Website settings

  • Account

  • Security

  • Integrations

General settings

Here you can set your dashboard language to English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, or Russian.

Website settings

Here, you can set website notification settings and general campaign settings.

Notifications settings are applied to all the Social Proof and Activity campaigns. You can either change rules here in the website settings or do it manually for each campaign.

In the other settings, you can change website name, remove "verified by Nextsale" logo, and see API keys.

Account settings

Here, you can change your full name and username.

Security settings

Inside the security settings, you can change your email address and password.

In order to change your email address, make sure you've set your password first.


In the integrations section, you can see the possible integrations list, as well as connect or disconnect them.

In each integration settings, you can set integration related configurations.

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