Push New Campaign button and then create Promo Bar campaign. 

Create memorable campaign name that you can distinguish later 

Now you see random Promo bar set by default. So let's get started:

Set the Goal - you can go without it to be honest. It depends of your desire to make it more results-oriented from collecting emails to just viewing of content. In order to learn more about how to set goals for your campaigns, I would like to recommend you to read a separate guide on how to set goals and why do you need that;

Design your campaign add text message, change colours, patterns. Also you can download custom images' url and include any product you want to be shown in popups or exclude

In Behaviour section you may set delay between popups, hide order date or just hide order date. Use a wide range of tools to ensure that pop-ups won't become a client’s nightmare;

Schedule campaign in Settings section;

Choose type of device on which you're planning to run your campaigns, put your page's URL and include/exclude products you want to be shown.

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