A Shopify app is a plugin that you can add to your website to handle a particular task. Shopify app store offers a large number of apps to support merchants. From your admin dashboard page, you can get access to the Shopify app store by selecting Apps from the left menu.

In this page, you can see the installed apps in your store. To search for apps you want to install, click on Visit Shopify App Store.

From the Shopify store, you can find the Nextsale app just by searching for Nextsale. After you found the app, click on the Add app button.

You will be redirected to your admin dashboard and you will see the Nextsale app requirements. Confirm the installation by pushing the Install App button.

After the confirmation of the install, you will be redirected to Nextsale dashboard where your store data will be processed. This may take a few minutes depending on the order count and other specs of your store.

You will see a success page after the process finishes. Congratulations, you have successfully Installed Nextsale application.

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